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Frontline Friends

#liftthemup #spreadlove


We finished up the Adopt A Grandparent program on February 14, 2021. It was soul fulfilling! With the help of community members like you, we were able to fully adopt five senior living facilities. That means we adopted almost 500 residents!!!! Way to go Bowling Green, you are Amazing!

This year we choose to turn our attention to the people working on the frontline throughout this pandemic, our healthcare heros! This program will bridge the gap between community members and our healthcare workers.  Their are currently around 1600 employees at The Medical Center in Bowling Green. We would love to make them each feel appreciated with a balloon delivery. It's a super ambitious goal, but we are up for it! The plan is to deliver 200 at a time until we have all 1600 covered. We would like to get as close as possible to 1600. Our job, is to spread joy, we see this as the perfect opportunity to do so! Please send a frontline friend by clicking the link below. The program will run from now until March 8, 2022

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